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Bar-b-que Accessories

A true bar-b-que master always has the right tools. To help ignite your inspiration, Mr. Fireplace Patio and Spa is proud to feature a wide variety of bar-b-que accessories in our Melbourne, FL live burn showroom.

From the star chef to the amateur house cook, the perfect grilling accessories will help you flip and turn your culinary creations with ease.

Lucky for you, Mr. Fireplace offers one of the largest selection of bar-b-que accessories in Central and Southern Florida. Extra strong and durable, we mean business.

From high quality grill thermometers, to insulated gloves (a must-have when grilling), some of our most popular items include:

  • Grilling baskets, perfect for stacking multiple ingredients
  • Burger press, molds patties into perfect shape and thickness for even cooking
  • Stone Grill Press, absolutely ideal for authentic Italian grilling
  • Spice injectors, perfect for injecting all types of delicious flavors into your favorite foods

We also carry a wide selection of Big Green Egg components and covers, as well as cookbooks. And to help you create some of the most flavorful bar-b-que around, Mr. Fireplace also carries a variety of charcoal, smoking woods, spices and rubs for mouth-watering results.

In addition to bar-b-que accessories, be sure to browse through Mr. Fireplace’s lineup of grills and smokers. You can even find inspiration in our Completed Projects and Summer Kitchen sections!

Home to a massive showroom (over 5,000 sq. ft.), cooking demos and one of the largest live burn displays in Central and Southern Florida, Mr. Fireplace consultants are here to guide you every step of the way. To view our complete line of bar-b-que accessories, contact us today to reserve your unique showroom visit or schedule an in-home consultation.We love to show off our award-winning design and manufacturing capabilities, and we look forward to helping you design the home of your dreams.