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BBQ Spices, Rubs, Accessories

Not too hot… not too mild… just right! Let Mr. Fireplace help you send your taste buds into overdrive with our wide variety of spices, rubs, and accessories at our Melbourne, FL live burn showroom.

Spices and Seasonings for GrillingDo you enjoy added flavor in your meats but don’t necessarily like smothering them in bar-b-que sauce? If so, the perfect tangy combination of herbs and spices can provide you with an ideal middle ground due to the fact that you can choose the flavors you like, as well as their strength. Sweet or salty, strong or mild, spices and rubs can take your bar-b-que from bland and boring to sumptuous and mouth-watering. Go ahead, mix things up a little bit and try something new!

Second only to smoking woods, spices and rubs can offer some of the most interesting flavor profiles to your beef, chicken, seafood, and—if you’re feeling especially adventurous—even your vegetables. Because of this importance, Mr. Fireplace offers some of the most popular and professionally-regarded bar-b-que spices and rubs in the region. In fact, grilling and smoking enthusiasts travel from all over to taste our rubs and spices in-person in massive live burn showroom (over 5,000 square feet).

Among all of our rubs and spices, Dizzy Pig® remains one of the most popular options due to their bright, perfectly balanced flavor profiles and meat-specific formulations.

  • These include all around options, as well as those for beef, pork, fish, and poultry.
  • On top of this Dizzy Pig® spices and rubs come in unique ISH formulations that tip their hats to specific flavors (e.g. Mediterranean, Bombay Curry, etc.), while putting a unique spin on them.
  • And despite their wide range of flavors, all Dizzy Pig® spices and rubs are manufactured without gluten or MSG.

However, keep in mind that you’ll need the right equipment to complement your professional-grade spices and rubs, which is why Mr. Fireplace also offers a complete line of bar-b-que accessories, grills, and smokers. In addition, our Completed Projects and Summer Kitchen sections can provide you with all the inspiration you’ll need to build your dream outdoor cooking area.

As the top gas grill destination in the Melbourne, FL region, Mr. Fireplace is home to one of the region’s largest showrooms, cooking demos and one of the largest live burn displays in Central and Southern Florida. Contact us today and we’ll help you select the perfect spices, rubs and accessories to take your bar-b-que to the next level!