CLEARRAY® Water Purification System with Mr. Fireplace, Patio, and Spa!

Jacuzzi®s are an inexpensive luxury for many people. They rejuvenate sore muscles and joints, allow couples or families to enjoy time together, and beat the chill of a cold day – all outside of your own home.

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Mr. Fireplace Patio & Spa offers the CLEARRAY® System with all of its Jacuzzi® brand hot tubs. Extremely easy to use, CLEARRAY® cleans water instantly. Annual bulb replacement is the extent of maintenance. CLEARRAY® is a technology that kills bacteria with a UV light. The UV light effectively interacts with the DNA of bacteria and viruses; destroying their ability to reproduce. It is a natural process that adds no by-product to your water and requires no chemicals – providing you with clean, fresh water. This system treats 99.9% of waterborne pathogens and up to a 50% reduction in sanitizing chemical usage with no harmful odors. Using less sanitizing chemicals translates to less skin and eye irritation for bathers from chlorine- or bromine-based products. It is the same system hospitals, bottled water industry, and aquariums use – where clean and clear water is extremely important.

Many people shy away from the idea of hot tubs because of the maintenance and idea of chemicals affecting the body and skin. The CLEARRAY® System expertly engineered for use with the Jacuzzi® brand hot tubs, removes the worry of inviting people into a dirty hot tub. Reducing the amount of sanitizer you use in your hot tub, it gives you clean and safe water that doesn’t dry out your eyes or skin. Many manufacturers recommend using the ProClear® Spa Sanitizer in conjunction with the CLEARRAY® System, which will kill more bacteria than chlorine alone and help to “soften” the water.

CLEARRAY® Systems have been standard on Jacuzzi®s since 2012 and can easily be added to models as early as 2006 by purchasing an aftermarket kit. Though easy and simple to maintain, you need to remember to replace the bulb every 12 months. (Do not touch the bulbs with your bare hands when you are changing them!)

CLEARRAY® Water Purification System, which utilizes an exclusive ultraviolet technology, received the Platinum ADEX Award for their innovation and design excellence. ADEX is an extremely prestigious award program for product design.

Get soft, clean, and fresh water with the CLEARRAY® Water Purification System and enjoy the benefits of a Jacuzzi® without all the harsh chemicals. Just remember – There’s Only One!