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Custom BBQ Grills

Over the past 35 years, when it comes to bar-b-ques, grills and smokers, Mr. Fireplace Patio and Spa based out of Melbourne, Florida continues to take top honors for providing winning combinations. Come check out the grill brands that are heating up the industry in our massive state-of-the-art live burn showroom!

You hear your steaks sizzling and watch the flavorful smoke as it billows from the vents. You see the air distort as the heat rises off your grill, and know that all your hard work and preparation will soon pay off. After hours of marinating and Custom Grills in Melbourne Palm Bay and Space Coast Floridacooking all your side dishes, you’ll soon be able to dig in and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

You mouth waters as you open the lid and gently lift your steaks off the grill. Now—and perhaps the most difficult stage of all—you’ll have to let them sit a few moments so the juices can lock in. In the meantime, your steaks just taunt you with their deliciousness; their aromas dancing around the room where they beg you again and again to take a bite.

BBQ Grills FloridaWelcome to the wonderful world of grilling, where flavor comes alive and cooking is just as much about the experience as it is about eating the food itself. Unlike other retailers, Mr. Fireplace understands bar-b-que is more than a meal, it’s a lifestyle. We understand that flare-ups are a steaks worst enemy, not to mention singed eyebrows are never a good look. We also understand the frustration and annoyance uneven heat distribution can cause.

This is why we offer only top-of-the-line equipment from some of the world’s greatest manufacturers, including:

  • Fire Magic® Gas Grills
  • Saffire® Smoker Grills
  • Vintage® Luxury Grills
  • Artisan Grills
  • Big Green Egg
  • Fast Eddy’s

But we don’t just stop there: In addition to grills, Mr. Fireplace also features a wide variety of smokers, bar-b-que accessories, and Summer Kitchen ideas to help inspire your next custom home improvement/interior design project.

REMEMBER! We offer internet pricing – We offer a warranty where most internet pricing does not! Interested? Call for more details!

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a tried-and-true professional looking to bring your delectable food to the masses, Mr. Fireplace has a bar-b-que solution for you. Home to a massive showroom, cooking demos and one of the largest live burn displays in Central and Southern Florida, contact us at 321-307-4152 today and we’ll help you find the perfect grill to take your bar-b-que to the next level!