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Custom Fireplaces

Over the past 35 years, when it comes to fireplaces and gas logs, Mr. Fireplace Patio and Spa based out of Melbourne, Florida, continues to take top honors as the go-to home comfort specialist around Florida’s Central East Coast. We guarantee you will feel right at home the moment you step into our state-of-the-art showroom.

Custom Indoor Fireplace in Melbourne and Palm Bay FLWhile there’s something to be said for the sounds and smell of a wood-burning fireplace, a lot of homeowners are choosing gas fireplaces for their red-hot style. Offering both homeowners and homebuilders the opportunity to upgrade lifestyles, and ranking second to outdoor patios, decks and porches, fireplaces significantly increase home values. They also create a nice ambience, are easily installed in almost any room and save you money on your heating bill.

Other reasons to cozy up with a gas fireplace:

  • You can control temp of fire with built-in thermostat
  • Start fire with switch or button
  • Can quickly heat an entire room
  • Need minimal maintenance

Thanks to innovative, sleek designs and vibrant flames, today’s modern fireplaces double as a piece of art. They also provide an inherent calming effect. And with studies showing people spend 80 percent of their time in 20 percent of their home, why not make your room of choice feel like a lavish vacation destination.

Custom Fireplaces in Melbourne Palm Bay and Space Coast Florida

The possibilities are virtually limitless:

  • Outdoor Fireplaces provide an extended living space for you and your family to enjoy. Roast marshmallows and make s’mores during the summer, and add a cost-efficient source of heat during the winter.
  • Indoor Fireplaces don’t just add a way to heat your home without using electricity, but they also a little romance to any evening. Go ahead and snuggle up.
  • Electric Fireplaces can provide many of the same benefits as traditional or gas, but without any potential fumes, and without the associated maintenance.
  • Gas Logs make a simple, safe, environmentally friendly—not to mention cost effective—fireplace solution.
  • Glass Stone from Frye Glass can provide you with the ‘wow factor’ you’re looking for to give your home a unique and modern touch.
  • Accessories can bring it all together. Whether you’re looking for a new grate, screen, log holder, or anything else, you can rest assured that Mr. Fireplace has it. We even match our competitors’ printed advertisements!

 Home to a massive showroom (over 5,000 sq. ft.), cooking demos and one of the largest live burn displays in Central and Southern Florida, Mr. Fireplace consultants are here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today to reserve your intimate showroom visit or to schedule an in-home consultation!