Hot Tub Prep: What Steps to Take Before its Arrival

So you’ve found just the right hot tub – now what? While you’ve completed the big purchase decision, there are still a few steps which must be taken before you’re ready to hop in and enjoy your new spa. While specific steps will depend on the model and type of spa you’ve purchased, below are some of the general steps you will need to take to prepare for hot tub installation.

Hot Tub Prep: What Steps to Take Before its Arrival, mr fireplace patio and spa

1. Location, location, location!

Before your hot tub arrives, you need to first decide where you will locate it. Do you have an existing location which will support its installation? Will you be building a new deck or patio where you’ll place it? Do you need to run wiring to support installation away from your home?

To best visualize the site prep needed for the specific location you’ve chosen, mark off the area to show where exactly the hot tub will sit. Observe its surroundings – can you move about the spa easily for use and maintenance? Will the spa be easy to enter and exit, or will steps be required? Will you have the desired level of privacy in this location?

Another location consideration should be installation – can your hot tub be delivered to the location you’ve chosen? Is there proper clearance pertaining to structures and landscaping? Should your location require special installation measures, we will assist you in arranging effective hot tub installation.

2. Site preparation

When adequately filled with water and in use by occupants, a hot tub can weigh one or more tons. The structure below it must be strong enough to support this weight, and needs to be prepared to serve as a sufficient base. Never install your hot tub on soil – instead, choose a level space created from concrete, stone, or decking. Make sure the installation area is supported properly.

3. Electrical needs

The majority of spas utilize 220-volt electrical. It is likely that you’ll need to have a licensed electrician install a dedicated circuit in order to properly operate your new hot tub. While some models may be operational on standard 110 outlets, it may not be possible to operate the system’s pump and heater simultaneously without overloading the circuit. Additionally, if you plan to install your hot tub away from the home, new wiring will need to be ran to support the hot tub and any lighting or accessories which will require electricity.

4. Deck concerns

If you’d like to install your hot tub on an existing deck, it should first be evaluated to ensure its structure can adequately support the spa at maximum capacity. If you plan to build a new deck for your spa, consider the load capacity of the decking plans to ensure the structure you build will provide proper support. It’s smart to consult a qualified contractor for assistance in this area.

Have questions about how to prepare your Florida property for hot tub and spa installation? Mr. Fireplace Patio & Spa will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide the guidance you need to expertly prepare for your new spa.