Hydrotherapy, Health Benefits, and Your Body

Health Benefits, Hydrotherapy, Hot Tub, Jacuzzi, Mr. Fireplace and Patio, Melbourne, FLA relaxing soak in a hot tub may be just what the doctor ordered. For a wide range of physical ailments and common injuries, Jacuzzi hydrotherapy can help reduce symptoms and provide much needed relief.

Hydrotherapy and Athletic Injuries

Under the correct conditions, hydrotherapy helps the body heal and relieves pain associated with athletic injuries and pain associated with an active lifestyle. In the initial stage of healing, hot water can harm the already inflamed tissue. During the second stage, hydrotherapy alleviates pain, swelling, and aches associated with healing. Various aspects of hot tubs, from temperature, to pressure, to the water itself, contribute to its healing powers. Hot water activates blood flow, leading to pain relief and relieving muscle spasms. Jets may further reduce inflammation and loosen muscles. Lastly, the buoyancy of water helps to loosen muscles and rebuild range of motion.

Hydrotherapy and Arthritis

Much like athletic injuries, hydrotherapy is often a part of treatment aimed at reducing the pain associated with arthritis. The relaxing warmth and buoyancy of hot water reduces pain and stiffness caused by arthritis, while total immersion in warm water raises body temperature. At a higher temperature, your blood vessels naturally dilate, increasing circulation. Additionally, those who suffer from severe arthritis may find it difficult to stay active. Hydrotherapy supports the joints and provides gentle resistance, allowing exercise in a forgiving environment that will put less stress on already aching joints.

Hydrotherapy and Stress

For many, there is simply nothing more relaxing than lying back in a gently bubbling hot tub and enjoying the feeling of warm water washing over a tired, aching body. Hydrotherapy can address more than just physical injuries; it is also one of the most effective stress relievers. By bringing your mind into a more relaxed state, your will naturally relax your muscles as the jets massage tense and bunched muscles. Further, your heart will gently speed up with your increased body temperature, improving circulation and providing natural stress release. Lastly, hydrotherapy can help lower high blood pressure associated with a stressful lifestyle.

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