In or Out? A Quick Jacuzzi Guide

In or Out? A Quick Jacuzzi Guide

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People, chemicals, and water. It may seem obvious, but these three things are essential to have “in” a great hot tub experience. In only 20 minutes a day, you could enjoy the benefits of owning a spa. Soaking relaxes the body, relieves stress and tension. Floating eases pressure and pain on the joints. You’ll notice changes in your physical mobility and your piece of mind.

Invite friends and family over to enjoy your spa. It’s a tool you should be using to help you catch up and reconnect. We all feel our best when we’re part of a community. Celebrate new jobs, new achievements, and new relationships. You will find that as you relax and enjoy some time together in your hot tub, you’ll swap stories and make new memories that will last.

You also want to make sure your guests wear the right attire. Only swimsuits should be worn in hot tubs. The chemicals can bleach color out of your regular clothes and damage expensive fabrics like cashmere, silk, or satin. Some people may prefer a little more coverage than a bathing suit; wearing an old cotton tee shirt or shorts would be fine. Just make sure it’s not a favorite shirt or pair of shorts in case the chemicals streak out color.

We all struggle to find time to disengage from technology, and the hot tub is the perfect place for tech-free time. Electronics should always stay “out” of your spa. You get to enjoy time with friends and families without distractions. And your cell phones, tablets, and other devices get to enjoy a long, happy, dry life.

Another thing your guests should keep “out” of your hot tub? Anything glass. Once glass is broken in a spa, it’s difficult and expensive to clean out. Your spa tools are all made from plastics and metals which will not break.

Water may seem like an obvious thing to have “in” your hot tub, but you always want to make sure you drink water while relaxing. The hot water and chemicals can make you sweat and dehydrate. Be cautious of drinking liquids you wouldn’t want mixing with your spa water. If you wouldn’t want to swim in it, then it should be “out” of your spa area.

Chemicals keep spa water safe to enjoy, fresh and sparkling. The right chemicals should always be “in” your spa water. Lotions, sunscreen, and oils should stay “out.” These heavy liquids can clog the filtration system and damage the electrical systems. Never use aromatherapy oils or bubble bath liquids in your spa. You may want to shower after working out to keep excess sweat and oils from the gym from entering your spa’s delicate system. Keeping these chemicals “out” helps your hot tub stay clean and running smoothly.

Your spa isn’t a bath tub, and it isn’t an electronics store. Be cautious about what you bring to enjoy “in” your hot tub to keep it running well for a long time. Maintaining the chemicals also keep it safe and easy to use whenever you want. Friends and family are always the best ingredients for a great time in your hot tub.