Reusing Your Jacuzzi Water

Reusing Your Jacuzzi Water

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Everyone is thinking about being environmentally friendly. So what do you do when you need to change the water in your hot tub? We have some great advice to help you use your spa water wisely.

Did you know you can recycle water from your Jacuzzi? It’s simple and easy to do. Turn off the heaters and wait three days after putting any chemicals in your hot tub. Chlorine dissipates quickly, especially if you leave the cover off to help the water cool faster. Using your home testing kit, check the pH levels of your spa water. The ideal level is between 7 and 8 for using around the house. Make sure your chlorine level has dropped to 0.

Now your spa water is safe to use around the house. Wash your car, clean off your garden furniture, or hose down your outdoor equipment like a lawnmower or grill. Clean muck out of trash cans or off a driveway or patio. It’s great to use for watering plants, like shrubs, flowers, trees, and ornamentals. Never use spa water on edible plants or plants that haven’t been well established. You can also use it to flush toilets by pouring it straight into the bowl rather than in the tank. It’s also safe to store to use later.

Any water that has been used for a hot tub or spa has chemicals in it, even in very small amounts. It is not the same as clean, fresh water from a tap. Never use spa water to drink, cook or water plants that your family eats. In some areas, there are restrictions about how you recycle water from a hot tub or Jacuzzi. Be sure to check with your local jurisdiction, township, or county office to find out more about recycling spa water in your area. If your spa uses salt water systems, this water is not safe to recycle. The excess salt can damage your lawn or plants.

So now that you have great ideas on how to conserve water by recycling the water from your hot tub, how do you get it there? Most spas use gravity, emptying through a small valve at the bottom of the hot tub. You can connect a garden hose to the valve and redirect the water where it is needed. This works best if you’re going downhill. If you prefer, an inexpensive submersible pump can pump the water out of the spa and into a barrel or other container for your use. You can also pump the water directly to where you need it instead of relying on gravity alone.

Reusing the water from your hot tub is easy. It feels great to reduce the amount of fresh water you need around your house, especially if you live in an area with little rainfall or that is naturally very dry. When you need to change the water in your spa, recycle it around your home.