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Custom Saffire Smoker Grills

Master the art of bar-b-que with Saffire® Smoker Grills, a top choice in the industry, and Mr. Fireplace is proud to offer the complete lineup in our Melbourne, FL live burn showroom.

Ever considered a smoker for your backyard cookouts? Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time professional chef, Saffire® Smoker Grills can help you “Master the Art of Bar-b-que” by providing you with exceptional results each and every time you cook.

When compared to the competition, Saffire® Smoker Grills give you the ability to precisely control your flame, which means that you can choose exactly how high you want your heat, and its tight seal and heavy ceramic construction means that you’ll never have to worry about heat loss.

Many people are intimidated by the time it takes to properly smoke meat. Just remember, patience is key. And that’s not much to ask when everyone starts drooling over your rich, savory meat.

Other benefits of cooking with a smoker:

  • You can prepare much more than meat, including potatoes, smoked beans and corn, even cakes.
  • You can choose between charcoal for meats or seafood
  • You can cook with wood for pizzas and other deliciousness

Saffire® Smoker Grills also feature corrosion-resistant stainless steel hardware and accessories for years of worry-free use, including a unique wood chip feeder, secondary cooking level, cooking grid elevator, and much more. And because the ceramic grill head and side shelves come preassembled, you’ll be grilling in less time than the competition.

What’s more, you can even install your new Saffire® Smoker Grill in a masonry countertop on your custom outdoor kitchen simply by cutting a small hole (similar to a sink.). On the other hand, you can also purchase one of Saffire’s optional hardwood carts, which are easy to assemble and can be stained the color of your choice. In addition, these wood carts can also have a granite countertop installed for decades of reliable use.

Whatever your needs, Mr. Fireplace is your one-stop shop for professional smoking equipment, in addition to  grills, bar-b-ques accessories, Summer Kitchen equipment, and even completed projects that you can use when building your next project.

As the top gas grill destination in the Melbourne, FL region, Mr. Fireplace is proud to carry the Saffire® Grill and Smoker brand. Home to one of the region’s largest showrooms, cooking demos and one of the largest live burn displays in Central and Southern Florida, contact us at 321-307-4152 today and we’ll help take your bar-b-que to the next level!