Save Money with Energy Efficient Caldera Spas

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Adding a spa to your Florida home will require additional energy consumption, but don’t fret – energy efficient spa technology has advanced greatly since at-home spas were first introduced some 40 years ago! Selecting a spa which utilizes such advances and boasts superior insulation will help you save thousands in operating costs over the lifetime of your spa as compared to installing an inferior product. For this reason, energy efficiency factors have a great impact on the purchase decisions of many Floridians.

While purchase price is a main consideration for those looking to install a spa, often times operating cost is overlooked – this mistake can be quite costly, over the course of many years! To ensure your new spa won’t bleed your bank account dry over its lifetime, implement the following measures that will keep your spa operating costs low.

Select a Caldera Spa

Caldera Spas are known for their energy efficient design features, making them a favorite among personal spa owners in Florida and throughout the country. These performance-enhancing features work to keep operating costs low year-round:

  • Superior Insulation: Caldera spas utilize FiberCor® insulation, which is four times denser than standard foam insulation used on most hot tubs. This wool-like fiber works to fill in compartment gaps to provide superior insulation, and it is free of petroleum products – with no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), this insulation is safer for the environment!
  • Quality Components: Caldera spas house innovative hot tub components which boost performance and energy efficiency. The pump works to lower heater use, maintaining comfortable water temperatures without wasting energy.

Purchase a Custom Replacement Cover

Purchasing a generic cover for your Caldera spa can be a costly mistake, allowing heat and energy to escape the spa 24/7! Caldera builds their covers to precisely fit each model to maximize energy efficiency, and each contains full-foam insulation and marine vinyl which perfectly seals in heat. Should you ever need to purchase a replacement cover over the life of your spa, make sure, you buy a custom Caldera cover.

Utilize a Cover Lifter

When investing in a quality, energy efficient spa, maximize your investment by utilizing accessories which will best protect your spa over the many years it will serve you. Spa covers can be easily damaged through improper use – damage can drastically reduce the energy efficiency of your spa while raising your operating costs. A spa cover lifter is a perfect solution to prevent such costly damage!

Spa cover lifters allow the cover to hinge away from the spa. This method allows owners to maintain their spas more easily while keeping the cover in top condition. Preventing the tears, scuffs, and other damage that can result from improper spa cover handling will allow your spa to retain more heating energy, lowering its overall energy consumption.

Find the Caldera spa that is the perfect fit for your family – Mr. Fireplace Patio & Spa will match you with the model which meets your relaxation goals as well as your energy budget. Contact us today to learn more!