Therapeutic Benefits of Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

Therapeutic Benefits of Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

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Since 1956, Jacuzzi has been an award-winning trailblazer and leader in hot tub innovation. Rooted in the ancient practice of water massage therapy or hydrotherapy, Jacuzzi hot tubs are designed to not only provide relaxation and comfort but to also act as a source of healing and improved wellness.

From basic aches and pains to chronic conditions, hydrotherapy combines heat, buoyancy, and massage to treat and alleviate a range of bodily ailments. When the body is submerged in a Jacuzzi hot tub, the heat of the water instantly opens up the blood vessels allowing for increased circulation and blood flow throughout the body, buoyancy takes pressure off of the muscles and joints, and the pulsating power of the massaging jets soothes soreness and decreases joint pain and stiffness.

Hydrotherapy has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, boost heart health, alleviate arthritis pain, release endorphins, and support practically every major system throughout the body. However, one little known and perhaps the most significant benefit of hydrotherapy is its ability to stimulate the body’s lymphatic system and encourage the release of toxins.

Saunas have long been regarded as the ideal thermal therapy for removing toxins from the body, and while saunas certainly do detoxify the skin and respiratory system, thermal water therapy is a far superior detoxifying method. Soaking in a Jacuzzi hot tub can gently remove toxins and pathogens from key elimination organs, such as the liver, colon, and kidneys, and detoxify the entire body by cleansing the lymph vessels, which lie just beneath the skin.

Lymphatic flow is powered by the movement of muscles throughout the body, so when a person’s exercise level or overall muscle activity decreases, the lymphatic system slows. When lymphatic function diminishes, toxins and inflammation build up in the body, which can irritate various tissues, weaken the immune system, and lead to frequent colds and infections and chronic joint pain.

Hydrotherapy gently stimulates muscle function, causing the lymph vessels to expand and contract and pump lymphatic fluid throughout the body. As lymphatic flow improves, inflammation eases and toxins exit the body through the lymph nodes as sweat production increases.

The defining feature that truly places Jacuzzi in a league of its own in the hot tub industry is its innovative and patented jetting system. Jacuzzi jets use high-volume, low-pressure technology to deliver a gentle, yet powerful massage experience. Each massaging jet is perfectly placed to massage key pressure points along the body and stimulate specific joint and muscular functions. The therapeutic jets are among a few in the industry that are adjustable in terms of pressure and the angle of water flow, making Jacuzzi hot tubs the preferred brand for many commercial and institutional physical therapy programs around the globe.

Quality and versatility make Jacuzzi hot tubs suitable for everyday home use, entertaining, and commercial applications. If you’re looking for a hot tub with tons of advanced features and unique healing properties, a Jacuzzi hot tub will serve as the perfect addition to your wellness regimen.