Using a Jacuzzi to Treat Sports Injuries

Jacuzzi, sports pain, Mr. Fireplace and Patio, Melbourne, FLFrom professional athletes to amateur yoga enthusiasts, Melbourne, FL, residents of all ages and lifestyles experience aches and pains related to physical activity. In some cases, the soreness caused by sports and exercise can become prohibitive to leading an active lifestyle. Thankfully, using a Jacuzzi hot tub for thermotherapy can help you relieve tenderness and injuries without taking a trip to the physical therapist.

When can heat be used to help with pain and injuries?

Extensive studies performed on the benefits of Jacuzzi hydrotherapy agree that hot water can be a useful tool in healing sports injuries. Physical therapists caution that heat is best applied at a very particular stage in the healing process. If heat is applied to early, hot water treatments may cause further inflammation and damage to tissues. Once the initial stage of healing has passed, hot tubs provide a number of benefits. In the second stage of healing, pain and swelling begin to subside as the body naturally builds up new tissue and addresses the cause of the injury. Once this stage begins, hot tubs may become a safe part of a physical therapy regimen.

What are the benefits of hydrotherapy?

When properly applied, hydrotherapy can aid the body in its natural healing process and relieve pain associated with sports injuries. During the first stage of healing, hot water may aggravate the already inflamed tissue. However, during the second stage, hydrotherapy can address pain, swelling, and aches associated with healing. At this point, hot water activates blood flow, leading to pain relief and relieving troublesome muscle spasms. Additionally, hot tubs with jets may further reduce inflammation and loosen muscles. Lastly, the buoyancy of water helps to further loosen muscles and rebuild range of motion.

What are the other therapeutic uses of hydrotherapy?

Beyond helping athletes treat sports injuries, hydrotherapy has a number of potential benefits. For example, many people who suffer from arthritis find that hot tubs help them remain active and mobile even on their most painful days. Further, hot tubs can be beneficial in addressing more minor aches and pains associated with an active lifestyle.

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